Episode 22 – Tiger King, Conspiracies, and Why I Hate Projections

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There’s one aspect of the Netflix series “Tiger King” that seems to be largely untouched. Special Guest, Wendy, and I dive into the mental illnesses on display throughout the series.

Keeping up with the conspiracies emerging out of a pandemic might be hard to do. But this article will help you understand more about why people are attracted to them and how you can avoid the temptation to transmit outlandish ideas. Make sure to also check out this vintage article on the paranoid style within American politics. It’s every bit as fresh today as it was when it was published.

Finally we wrap up with a discussion of baseball, the weather, the Coast Guard, politics and the Coronavirus. Fivethrityeight produced a podcast episode on the difficulties of creating a pandemic projection. You can also see a comic book adaptation of that episode here.