Podcast Recommendations

This is a list of podcasts that Tim recommends. They cover a range of political and cultural perspectives but share the same desire as The Wrong Podcast; to talk about cultural and political issues with respect, nuance and intelligence.  I recommend getting a “balanced diet” of perspectives. This serves to move us out of a temptation to isolate ourselves in an echo chamber. It also provides an opportunity to hear the best arguments the other side is making in order to sharpen our own critiques and not focus on straw-men.  These are listed in no particular order.

60 Minutes – Long running, respected, television news magazine delivers their episodes in audio format.

Breakpoint – Conservative Evangelical commentaries of current events, politics and worldview issues.

On the Media – Analysis and reviews of how the media covers current news and issues.  Openly and unapologetically left leaning.

FiveThrityEight Politics – Commentary of recent political news with a emphasis on polling public opinion.  Left-leaning hosts but the analysis is almost always straight forward and objective.

Signposts with Russell Moore – Southern Baptist theologian with reflections on religion and culture. (had his job threatened because he wouldn’t endorse Donald Trump)

This Cultural Moment –  Identifies cultural trends and thought patterns in a Post-Christian world.

Q Podcast – Conversations about culture, activism, commerce, and the arts from many different Christian perspectives (Left, Right and Center).

RadioLab – Science, philosophy, curiosity and the human experience.

You might also like to listen to the Foster Parenting Podcast – https://fosterpodcast.com