Episode 17 – What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Kobe? #GirlDad

When a celebrity falls from grace, can we still laugh? Can we still cheer? Are we still inspired? We don’t have a good way to hold the bad with the good. Too often we ignore one side or the other because we can’t stand the conflict in our own minds. We need a better way and the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant reignited those questions. Is he allowed to move forward in life and death without the allegations of rape (or at least blatant infidelity)? How do we talk about his victim? What about Bill Cosby, Martin Luther King Jr., and Michael Jackson. Is there a point when excellence surpasses sin? Are there sins that negate excellence?

On the lighter side of the episode I discuss the emergence of Coke Zero amist the absence of New Coke. We also listen in to a portion of Arthur Brooks’ address at the National Prayer Breakfast.