Episode 32 – What the Heck is Critical Race Theory?

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CRT or Critical Race Theory is all the rage these days. I provide a simple explanation of what CRT is, where it came from and why it’s become so controversial. As with most issues, one of the toughest problems is defining it. I also talk about an encounter with real life nut-picking and explain why I don’t think I should call myself and Evangelical even though my beliefs and faith have not substantially changed.

Bebbington Quadrilateral

Biblicism: All essential spiritual truth can be found on its pages.
Conversionism: The belief that human beings need to be converted.
Crucicentrism: A focus on the atoning work of Jesus on the cross.
Activism: The belief that the Gospel needs to be expressed in effort.

The clip of Lecrae discussing his faith comes from an interview on “The Experiment”. This discussion from “The Argument” on CRT influenced my thoughts.