angry cat

Episode 13- That Time I Dog-Murdered a Cat

It’s time you know about the worst thing I ever did. I’m not saying I’m proud of it, but at least it was terrible. Plus, why you’ll never change my mind about anything ever. Stop trying.

Suicide machine created by Jack Kevorkian

Episode 09 – Killing Granny, Headless Chickens, The Losing Team is the Better Team and Gerrymandering

When is it okay to encourage Grandma to kill herself? We dive into the complex and emotionally charged topic of doctor-assisted suicide but do our best to make it as light-hearted as possible.

We also discuss the phenomena of headless chickens. Can a team lose and still be the best team? The NCAA Basketball Tournament gives us the perfect test case. Plus, we have all the answers on how to fix the problem of gerrymandering.

Roosevelt's Second Bill of Rights

Episode 08 – Know Your Rights, Church Gossip, Switching Cell Phones and the Future of the Humanities

There’s a lot of talk about additional rights that are currently lacking for citizens. What are your rights? When is it wrong to claim a right? We discuss the basis for these rights and what the government can and can’t do to actually provide them. Is it gossip to share the news of a religious leaders failings? What motivates us to talk about people’s personal weaknesses? How do you decide to switch from one operating system to another? Is it possible to dump your iPhone for an Android? Plus a discussion on the decision for the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point to drop thirteen majors in the Humanities.

Bruno Mars with Grammy awards

Episode 07 – Bruno Mars Isn’t Black, Wearing the Wrong Color on St. Patrick’s Day, the Death of a Puppy and a Student’s Perspective on the National Gun Walkout

Gain a student’s perspective on the National Gun Walkout that happened at school’s across the country. Plus we talk about who should be allowed to dress up like Moana and untangle Bruno Mars’ ethnicity and whether or not it should matter. Don’t miss our reactions to the death of a puppy on an airplane and Tim’s controversial St. Patrick’s Day choice.

2018 Oscar Winners

Episode 06 – Gender-Based Acting Awards, Sneeze Fights, Trump’s Tariff, and Job Interview Skills

Why are there different awards for male and female acting? Is there something inherently different between actors and actresses? If men and women are exactly the same why should we be concerned to see more women involved in film making? We tackle this tangled issue along with a fist fight that broke out over a sneeze. Need some job interview tips? We’ve got something you’ve never considered. We also tackle the fruit of President Trump’s new tariff on steel imports.

Crying women from the FLDS community

Episode 05 – Poo Watch, Polygamous Mormons, and the Bad Fruit of Boycotts

Today’s topics start off with the latest updates from England on “Poo Watch”. Tim attended an public interview with the son of FLDS leader Warren Jeffs. Tim shares the latest shocking events from that religious community. Finally we wrap things up with the poorly conceived benefits of large scale boycotts. Inspiration for the discussion thanks to Joy Behar, Mike Pence, Omarosa, the NRA, Delta Airlines and Dick’s Sporting Goods.